Brew is bubbling away nicely tonight. Had a blow out earlier (I’ll post a picture next) so had to clean and replace the airlock. Apparently I’m missing g a piece from my airlock but it’s all a bit late now to worry about that. Next time, gadget. Next time.

Dropped the grommet into the fermentation vessel when trying to push the lock in. Just like the youtube video I watched this morning warned me.

Research says that if it had been sterilised then it should be ok. So I grabbed a spare one and put the lock on properly. Fingers crossed.

The thermometer is reading a little warm (28-30°C) so I’ve wrapped it in a wet towel and put the fan on in the garage. See how we go I suppose.

A while ago I picked up some home brew gear from Freecycle. I’ve always wanted to brew my own beer and why knock free gear!

Months pass and I keep making excuses about having no bottles. Really I just didn’t want to stuff it up. Christmas arrives and a gift voucher means I have no excuses - bottles and other extra gear purchased.

Last weekend was a heat wave so today I’ve sterilised my gear and I’m just waiting for it to dry. So I figured I would document at least my first brew!